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2020/21 Events Seed Funding Category 3

This is a preview of the Application Form - 2020/21 - Category 3 - Event Seed Funding form. You will be able to start a submission when the round opens at 9:00AM 17 February 2020 (AEDT).

CATEGORY 3 - Event Seed Funding - APPLICATION


The program supports new and developing events, where an event is defined as a cultural, social or entertainment activity undertaken by a group or organisation outside of normal programs and initiatives. The seed funding is available to support new events that organisers are planning to grow and develop.

Events must take place within the Willoughby Local Government area and be of value to the local community or support economic development.

Seed funding criteria:

  • The event must be held within the Willoughby local government area.
  • The event must be of value to the Willoughby community and/or attract visitors to the City.
  • The event is required to be a new or reinvigorated activity, and organisers need to demonstrate how the seed funding will be used to support the growth of a new initiative.
  • Organisers must demonstrate how the activity will continue once seed funding is ceased.

Required information:

  • Address the seed funding criteria.
  • Provide a full description of the proposed event and target market.
  • Identify when and where the event will take place.
  • Indicate if the event is to be held as part of the Emerge Festival (if so, event must take place in September 2020).
  • The organiser needs to identify their company / community group or name of individual if a sole proprietor and provide ABN.
  • Identify other funding sources, and marketing strategies.
  • Provide a growth plan and indicate how the seed funding will be used to support the growth of the event.
  • Identify how environmental sustainability will be considered in the management of the event.
  • Provide details on event evaluation measures.
  • Provide information on fees and/charges being charged to the public to attend, or list if event is a free event.


Willoughby's seed funding for events aims to encourage the development of new events and support new and emerging artists by providing community groups and individuals with seed funding to help support and launch new event activities.  The funding program also aims to provide the Willoughby community with the opportunity to experience new and fresh events and activities.

The funding supports events taking place throughout the year as well as those taking place in September as part of the Emerge Festival.

The core objectives of the grants program are to encourage events that:

  • Celebrate the diverse community.
  • Showcase achievement in all creative forms.
  • Celebrate local artistic achievement across all mediums.
  • Stimulate creative growth & development.
  • Celebrate the spaces & places available in Willoughby.
  • Promote Willoughby as a dynamic & innovative City.
  • Support economic development & tourism.

The final outcome of the grant must be shown/staged etc in Willoughby within the 12 month period from when the grant is awarded.

For further clarification please call Willoughby City Council's Festival & Events  on 9777 1029 prior to making a submission to ensure that it complies with the Program Guidelines.

Public Liability Format Guide - Certificate of Currency

This advice deals with the FORM which an insurance certificate of Currency must take to meet Council’s requirements. Please pass this document to your broker or insurer when requesting a Certificate of Currency. A minimum cover of $10,000,000 (Ten Million) is required.

FORMAT: The evidence of insurance must be in typewritten form.

TITLE: Certificate of Currency. (A copy of a policy schedule or similar is not acceptable).

INSURER:  The Certificate must be issued by an approved insurer licensed to conduct general insurance business in Australia.

ORIGIN: The document must be on the letter-head of the insurance company carrying the risk. A document produced by a broker or agent is only acceptable if a document from the insurer, authorising the broker or agent to bind them to cover, is supplied with the Certificate. Alternatively, the certificate may bear the stamp of the insurer, duly initialled.

POLICY NUMBER:  It is essential the policy number be shown.

INSURED: The “Insured” shown on the document must be exactly the same as, or include, the name of the legal entity with whom Council is dealing. A registered trading name is not a legal entity and is not acceptable without the name of the person/s who trade under that name. Partnerships must include the names of the partners. A registered company is a legal entity and so the certificate must bear the full company name.

CLASS OF INSURANCE: must conform with the activity or property in which Council is interested.

BUSINESS (Liability Insurance): The Business described on the certificate must co-incide with or clearly cover the operations or property in which Council is interested.

PERIOD OF COVER: Must cover the entire period of the arrangement. If the policy will expire during the period of the arrangement, measures must be put in place to guarantee continuance of cover.

SITUATION: (Liability Insurance) “Anywhere in Australia”.

COUNCILS INTERESTS: The Certificate must state that the interests of Willoughby City Council are protected in relation to the work undertaken for Council or on Council property. 


In order to be eligible to be accepted to run an event, the applicant MUST be a formally Incorporated Body, Company Limited by Guarantee or a Business that is not running the event for the purposes of generating a profit for the owners, staff or shareholders. 

A person or group that is not incorporated MUST seek an incorporated body to auspice their event. This means the auspice organisation undertakes legal responsibility for the applicant's involvement in the event.